Purchasing The Right Basketball Shoe

There are many different types of basketball shoes. This is due to the many different types of basketball players out there. Some are small, skillful and fast while others are tall and strong. These different types require diverse characteristics so every individual player. This article will break down the types of players and give you an insight into what types of shoes you might need.

Power Player
The first type of player to be mentioned is the power player. This type of player depends on his strength and most commonly height to get the advantage during the game. Since he’s going to be using more power movement the shoes are going to get worn down quicker. This means that he should be looking for shoes with great shock absorption, durability and cushioning. These factors will help to keep your shoes in a good position and will give you the advantage. However you will usually have to sacrifice on weight and will be looking at the higher end of the weight range to choose the ones that are right for you.

All-Around Player
The all around player will be utilising all areas of the court and will be good at many different things. This type of player should be looking at basketball shoes with moderate ankle support and stability. These two factors will keep your feet safe from any position you may find yourself in. With regards to weight you should be choosing basketball shoes that hit the middle ground (around 15 ounces) so that you can take advantage of any situation when it arises.

Fast Player
A fast player is one that takes advantage of his skills and pace to get past players and help the teams’ effort for winning the game. These types of players require basketball shoes that are light in weight, flexible and stable. Some fast players might benefit from a low cut design such as the Nike Vandal Low. However the main problem with this is that they aren’t as protected as other on the court but get a heavy speed advantage.

If you can distinguish what type of player you are then you’re one step ahead of the crowd and well on your way to finding a basketball shoe that will suit you. If you don’t think you fit into anyone of these categories then it would be advised to just go middle ground and pick a basketball shoe that does well in a lot of things but doesn’t just focus on one characteristic. That way you’ll get a basketball shoe that can benefit you in many areas and also leave you with no risks.