Putting Together a Badminton Set

Badminton is an indoor sport which is recognized internationally. It is true that most major badminton tournaments were mainly participated by the eastern countries in the past. But now, it has gained influence of many western countries which could be seen in the recent 2008 Olympics. Here are a couple of useful tips that would save not only your money but time as well if you intend to get a badminton set. Before purchasing, ask yourself this question “Am I going to play badminton as a hobby or competitively?”

For those who are just taking it up for the fun of the game, when choosing your racket, simply drop by at supermarkets or large sport utility shops that sell all kinds of sporting equipments as the rackets are not that expensive. Purchasing one or two rackets will be enough. When buying shuttles, you could consider either getting the feathered ones or plastic ones. The latter is more durable and therefore last longer and also comes in a variety of designs and colors. A bag for all your equipment is optional but would be helpful in transporting your badminton set around.

Now, for those of you who are planning to go all the way out in the sport, these are the few things that you should take note of. The first thing is choosing the right racket. Try going to professional racket shops where there are experienced personals or sport specialist who can offer good advices. They will be able to help you to look for the ideal racket that suits your style of play. This is because rackets have several sections and all of them have different shapes, weights, and sizes. It is advisable to purchase a minimum of two rackets as you will need an extra racket in the event of a broken string halfway through a tournament match. These rackets will be much more costly as they use high grade materials such as carbon fiber.

When buying the shuttles, you will need at least four packs as they have to be changed as soon as one of them gets broken or damaged. Plastic shuttles which are more durable and last longer are also available but make sure the head of the shuttle is made out of cork and not of plastic. When practicing, ensure you have an accurate measured court with a net at the right height. Don’t forget to get a bag for all your equipment as it will not only be easier to carry around and avoid loss of items but also make you look more professional.