Used Exercise Equipment

Used Exercise EquipmentMany people are unfamiliar with commercial fitness equipment, I am first going to explain how commercial used exercise equipment not only makes great sense dollar wise but you are actually getting a much better machine than any in home treadmill you could buy brand new from a chain sports store or tv infomercial.

You see manufacturers are pretty smart, they know the average person who purchases a treadmill uses the machine for a few days a week for the first month.

After that, the treadmill is pretty much collecting dust so the quality of an in home treadmill has a lot to be desired because they know the buyer will never use the fitness equipment.

Where as commercial grade treadmills are manufactured to run 24/7 365 days a year.

Because of the rigorous demands of professional gyms the high end treamill is designed to last running 24 hours a day for many, many years.

So my first tip is buy either a new or, my preference, a quality used treadmill, because if you plan on actually using the treadmill you are much better off financially purchasing a commercial grade rather than a home grade because of maintenance issues. The home grade will break within a few months of heavy use causing you to call a repair service.

Second tip would be make sure you wax your belt of the treadmill, by simply spending 5 minutes once a month you can extend the life of your treadmill by years.

The wax treatment helps reduce the friction between the rollers and the belt, this creates a smoother running surface and less chance of a belt wearing down.

Third tip is when buying a used exercise equipment whether online or offline, make sure the company is reputable. Do a quick search online to find out the history of the company because a number of places operate from a garage in their backyard.

If the company has 5,000 or more square feet of warehouse space they are a pretty good bet that they’ll be around should you need them.