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6 Tips to Get Fit Before Summer

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If you have not done your homework throughout the year, you can still get in shape by avoiding miracle diets or long hours at the gym


If you have been exercising all year round and eating a healthy diet, it is normal that when the first rays of the summer sun arrive, the first thing you want to do is go to the beach or the pool to show off the silhouette you have achieved in the purest CR7 style when it scores a goal. But if you are one of those who have not followed a training routine, do not make the mistake of choosing an extreme diet or start an impossible routine, because the only thing you will get will be to harm yourself.

Quiet, this does not mean that it’s too late to get fit for this summer. In fact, there are still a few weeks left until the official start of the summer and you can take advantage of it to arrive with a good physical condition and health. Of course, the six-pack must wait for later.

Keeping in mind that motivation is one of the key factors to be constant, we suggest a series of tips that will help you get fit improving your sedentary habits and nutrition, without the need for long gym sessions that you will abandon the third day or miracle diets that only serve to unbalance your body. So, take note and start preparing the gym bag .

Train as a group

An ideal way to get the motivation to sell laziness is to train in a group. The main advantage of training with other people is the feedback between the members, who provide a plus of moral energy in the moments of exhaustion. In addition, the social bond that is created is very important and increases in each session.


Do different activities

The grace of the sport is that it offers a wide range of activities to perform, surely there are a few that you like more than others. You can go jogging, ride a bike, organize a game of paddle tennis, conduct directed sessions (in the DiR we have from Ballet Fit to boxing, going through Body Pump or different water activities), among many other options. Changing activity helps prevent you from leaving the exercise routine.

Start training in the morning

It is true that you can exercise at any time of the day, but you must take into account some factors that may harm your performance, such as hours of the day with extreme heat or just after a large meal. Choosing the best time will depend on your time availability with work or other obligations, but if you can choose, the best time is certainly in the morning, thanks to all these healthy benefits.

Follow a good diet

Food is the cornerstone for good health. When this is complemented by physical activity, the combination is practically unbeatable. That is why it is important that you plan a balanced and personalized diet, without going hungry and adapted to your needs. Let yourself be advised free of charge by our nutrition experts.

Ask a professional for advice

Letting you be advised by an expert is always a good decision, as well as hiring a personal trainer to help you achieve your goals beforehand and prevent you from leaving halfway. With an EP you will get the most out of each training, it will be a customized session taking into account your needs and you will learn new techniques that you can also use on your own.

Renew your wardrobe

Why not renovate your sports cabinet? In this way you will have a new incentive to exercise … sometimes it takes very little to find motivation! We propose you this selection of perfect clothing pieces to train.


We hope that during the next weeks these tips will help you to be constant in your workouts. You will notice how your body starts to thank you very soon … and you will also see how the aperitifs on the terrace on the seafront will make you feel better.