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Personal Trainers: How to Motivate Your Customers

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The road to a healthy life is not always easy, on the contrary, it is full of challenges that can make your clients feel a bit pessimistic about their progress, but do not worry, here are some tips to motivate them to continue this journey.

Highlight the positive

According to the National Institute of Personal Training, focusing on the positive rather than seeing the problems helps better performance. Always look for ways to encourage your customers honestly and do not skimp on compliments, if they feel supported and emotionally secure it is easier for them to have a good attitude. When you are giving feedback to improve, try to do it tactfully.

Forget about the military method

Fitness expert Jill Coleman, of the Personal Trainers Development Center, is in favor of a training system based on rest: an alternative sensitive to the military method of training. She advises us not to apply commands like “Do not stop! Keep it up! “And replace them with a calmer attitude, letting customers rest when they feel they should. This strategy makes a lot of sense, since an exhausted user can easily be demotivated.

Set goals

Work with your client to set personalized goals. This will make the idea of ​​”achieving” stop being so vague and the user will be clear about where he wants to go and the plan he has to follow. Set long-term goals, as well as some short-term goals that are easily affordable. Experience Life magazine compares fitness goals to the blueprints of a business, a plan that provides a framework in which you can measure your success. As your client goes overcoming small obstacles, your confidence will increase.

Keep track of progress

Keep an updated record of your clients’ progress, including intensity levels and the time of an exercise. Sometimes you can forget how far you have come since you started this journey but when you remind them of what you have already achieved, you can feel encouraged despite not going as fast as you want. Remind them that it is not so easy and it takes time and work.

Reward small victories

Congratulate your customers when they reach a goal, you can reward them with some detail as a free session. The Australian Academy of Fitness proposes that customers put incentives and decide how to celebrate these occasions, this can be buying a small gift or enjoy a cup of gourmet coffee.

Enter the social element

Everyone, even the most introverted, we are social people by nature, so present your clients with everyone who is working in the same room and, if possible, let them rest at the same time. In this way, relationships will be formed between users who can become friends. Even casual relationships between users of the same gym and sharing the same path can give your customers a network of people who will encourage you during the journey.

Be a good example

Become an example to continue maintaining an enthusiastic attitude, when your customers arrive, greet them with a smile and say something like: “We will have a great workout today” – Attitudes are contagious, so avoid negative comments on your own path in fitness.

If you implement these tips you will create a fun and positive environment for your customers and in this type of atmosphere it is less likely that demotivation stages will occur, or they will be shorter. When you see your proteges triumph, all your efforts to keep your motivation high will be rewarded.